Overwatch Streamer Plays Match As Genji With Fidget Spinners And A Dream

Genji ... the character that players love to ship with Mercy, but hate actually playing with as the healer. The brother to Hanzo, he's an interesting character with an interesting background within the world of Overwatch. One thing the Shimada sibling needed, however, to achieve next level greatness was something none of us expected: fidget spinners.

That's the case at least when one Twitch streamer decided to replace this heroes shurikens with the popular accessory, and it actually worked out pretty well. This streamer is no stranger to odd methods of playing. Rudeism is the same gamer that played as Winston with nothing but bananas. This time, however, he breaks down how he dominates with the unconventional tools in the video above ... he even managed to de-mech D.Va ala Spinner.

As per a post he made on Reddit explaining exactly how this works:

"How it works: There's an Arduino board hiding on the underside of the controller, and each fidget spinner is sitting on its own rotary encoder which connects to the main board. Each encoder can detect if a fidget spinner's being spun in one way or the other, and whether or not I'm pressing one like a regular button.

The two on your right (my left) handle WASD, the two on the left (my right) handle aiming, and the one in the center handles left/right click. Pressing each fidget spinner lets me use abilities, jump and ask for healing (of course).

It's good fun! I'm pretty terrible at it, but I've squeaked out a few decent kills. Doesn't help that I have almost no gametime as Genji anyway! I'll be fixing bugs and testing it more over the next week!"

That's certainly one way to ask for healing. It does make us wonder though ... what other possibilities are out there? I for one would love to see Zenyatta played with dodge balls, but maybe that's just me. Regardless, it's impressive and we can't wait to see what else Rudeism has in store for 2018.