Starfield Reveals First Details

During today's Xbox/Bethesda E3 presentation, the two companies finally pulled back the curtain on [...]

During today's Xbox/Bethesda E3 presentation, the two companies finally pulled back the curtain on Starfield, a game that was briefly teased in 2018. Unfortunately, the title won't release until November 11, 2022, but some additional details have been revealed in the meantime. Apparently, the title is set 300 years into the future, and will be structured in a manner somewhat similar to Skyrim. The team is putting a lot of focus on "making the game world feel lived-in," and there will be multiple factions, with Constellation being the main one. Last but not least, it seems that Tom Cruise will not be involved with the game, despite some previous rumors!

All of this new information about Starfield comes from an interview with Bethesda's Todd Howard conducted by The Telegraph. Information from the interview was shared on Twitter by @Nibellion, and can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Unfortunately, these minor new details will have to tide fans over for now! It's going to be a very long wait for Starfield, but it stands to reason we'll have much more information about the game in the coming months. For now, fans will just have to make do with what's been revealed thus far!

There was some speculation that Starfield might release on PlayStation platforms, despite Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda and its parent company ZeniMax Media. Since the game has seemingly been in development for a long time, some thought that a PlayStation version might still see a release. Today's E3 presentation put that speculation to bed, with Microsoft stating definitively that Starfield will be an Xbox console exclusive.

Starfield is set to release exclusively on PC and Xbox platforms. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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