Street Fighter 5 Reveals First Look at Akira Kazama Gameplay

As part of Capcom's Spring Update for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, the developer revealed a whole slew of details about upcoming DLC fighters Rose and Oro like, for example, the fact that Rose is set to release for the popular fighting video game on April 19th. Oro is set to release after Rose, and after both of those comes Akira Kazama, a fighter from Capcom's Rival Schools. While Oro and Rose had detailed looks at their gameplay, Capcom also shared the first in-game look at Akira and what she can do.

You can check out the teaser for Akira below:

"As you can see, Akira is going to be retaining some of her Rival Schools style in SFV such as her ability to execute flashy air combos! In addition, her older brother Daigo makes an appearance as one of her V-Triggers, bringing back the vibe of that classic Rival Schools gameplay," the official post from Capcom about the upcoming DLC fighters reads in part.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available for PlayStation 4 and PC. The next DLC fighter for the popular fighting video game, Rose, is set to release on April 19th. Oro, the next DLC fighter after Rose, does not yet have a release date but is expected to release this summer, and Rival Schools' Akira is set to follow after him. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Street Fighter franchise right here.

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