Street Fighter Board Game Crushes Funding Goals on Kickstarter

Jasco Games has a new Street Fighter board game on Kickstarter that's already blown past its funding goal.

The game's that's exclusive to Kickstarter was announced just days ago on April 4 and reached its $400,000 funding goal in just one day. Since then, it's rocketed to over $700,000 in funding and looks to even be able to double the funding goal before too long.

Officially called Street Fighters: The Miniatures Game, the tabletop game uses miniature figures, dice, and cards to let players take control of their favorite Street Fighter characters in several different game modes like Free For All, Boss Mode, and more.

"Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game is an exciting new high quality pre-painted miniatures-board game hybrid that used the brand new Universal Tactics System!" the game's description on Kickstarter reads. "This system allows 2 to 6 players to simulate fights across Street Fighter's iconic roster by controlling their favorite characters, playing cards, and rolling dice from their specific 40-card Battle Decks!"

With tons of miniature figures for characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma, and more along with many different stage maps and over 400 cards, the tabletop game offers a great deal of features for Street Fighter fans who have been looking for a tabletop adaption. In the video above, Joe "Angry Joe" Vargas, YouTuber and creator/lead designer of the board game, joins co-designer Alex Tune to explain how the game is played.

As is the case with most Kickstarter projects, this game also includes more than a few stretch goals for funding in case the amount funded goes beyond the goal. Since it's already gone far past that amount, several stretch goals have now been unlocked and added to pledgers' products for free. More miniatures for Guile, Blanka, E. Honda and features like the Tag Team Mode have already been unlocked now that pledgers have raised over $700,000, but more are still listed on the stretch goals list. The list currently goes up to $850,000 in funding with the quality of all cards being upgraded should it hit that goal, but there could be even more after that.

When it comes to the pledge options available, the board game offers several different ways to pledge your support for the project. The cheapest option that guarantees the game itself is $80, but it doesn't include any unlocked stretch goals. That option will cost d$140, but there's another option for $280 above that that includes more, all of those options seen here.


Those looking to keep up with the project's progress can stay tuned to the Kickstarter page or Jasco Games' social media.