Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Key Art Revealed Ahead of DC FanDome

A new Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reveal was shared this week ahead of the game's appearance at October's DC FanDome event. This week, Warner Bros. Games and DC revealed the key artwork for the new Suicide Squad game that'll grace the cover of the new title whenever it launches next year. The key artwork features several of the main characters from the Suicide Squad organization including Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang.

The key artwork for the game can be seen below after it was revealed by the game's social accounts on Friday. This animated version of the key art was accompanied by the promise of more news to be revealed on October 16th during the DC FanDome event.

For those who'd prefer a more static version of the artwork without the effects in the animated one above, you can see that below courtesy of Warner Bros. and DC. It features the rest of the bits one would expect from the box artwork for the game including the spot where the likely M rating will be and the signature of the creators, Rocksteady Studios.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's appearance at this year's DC FanDome event was expected considering how that's the event that officially revealed the game and showed off the first trailer last year, but those who've been looking for more on the game can now rest easier knowing we'll learn more soon. If DC fans have their way, we'll learn much more about the new Gotham Knights game as well during that event.

For now, not much is known about the game as far as gameplay, playable characters, and other need-to-know details are concerned, though we do know that it's supposed to be an action-based shooter. We've seen some character profiles and teasers released in the past, but not much in the way of what the game actually consists of. The DC FanDome event coming up in October will hopefully shed some light on a few of these areas with gameplay being the best possible reveal.


"The creators of the Batman: Arkham series are back with a brand new action-adventure shooter," a preview of the game reads. "The most dangerous villains in the DC Universe have been forced to team up and take on a new mission: Kill the Justice League. Create Chaos in Metropolis. You are the Suicide Squad."

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League releases for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms some time in 2022.