Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Having an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Event Soon

Nintendo is capitalizing on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons craze by treating Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players to an Animal Crossing event that's going on in the fighting game soon. The official Twitter account for Smash Bros. in Japan tweeted about the upcoming crossover event which will be the latest of the recurring Spirit Board events that bring new Spirits into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The event is scheduled to take place starting on April 3rd and will last for a few days afterwards so that players have time to meet and collect all the new spirits from New Horizons.

The tweet that announced the New Horizons event showed off some of the new Spirits that'll be coming to the game. You'll notice some popular characters from New Horizons like Wilbur and Orville who are combined as one Spirit among others who will be featured in the Animal Crossing crossover. Some of the other Spirits like C.J. and Flick are ones players will encounter in New Horizons who want players to either fish or catch bugs.

The New Horizons event is scheduled to start in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on April 3rd and will run until April 8th, at least in Japan. If there are any changes to those plans for other regions, you can expect the news to be shared through other Twitter accounts like Nintendo Versus which has not said anything yet about the event at this time.

While these new Spirits are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soon, the game's also getting a new DLC fighter in the coming months. Unlike these Spirits, we don't know who that fighter will be, but we do know what game it'll come from. The next guest fighter is from ARMS, another of Nintendo's fighting games, and it'll be revealed and released in June. Players have been voicing their opinions since the tease to say which character from ARMS they think should be added to the game.

New Horizons isn't without its own events either. The new Animal Crossing game is currently hosting a Bunny Day event with lots to look forward to throughout the week for all the players who are participating.


Thanks, Siliconera.