Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct Announced for This Week

Nintendo is holding another Direct this week, this one focused entirely on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The latest Nintendo Direct will air on August 8 and will feature what’s one of Nintendo’s most anticipated titles of the year. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed earlier in 2018 during E3 with Nintendo dedicating so much time to the franchise-spanning fighter that you’d be forgiven for thinking that the whole E3 presentation was one big Direct for Smash Bros., but the one happening later this week at 7 a.m. PT will truly be dedicated entirely to the game.

The tweet below from Wario64 includes one of the images that Nintendo always shares to preview the Direct announcements, this one featuring the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo prominently to leave no question of what the presentation is about.

There’s no known timeframe for how long the Direct will last, so it’s hard to guess how much information Nintendo’s planning on packing into the presentation. What the developers intend to talk about also remains a mystery since players have already seen a significant portion of what the game has to offer by knowing of different stages and that it’ll contain every Smash character that’s ever existed, but Nintendo will likely have a few surprises. A new character, for example, would be a huge reveal to bring even more attention to the game that’s due out this year.


Though people had an idea of who would be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate prior to its extensive roster breakdown, at least one character caught people off guard when Ridley from the Metroid series was revealed as a playable character. This means that there’s a chance Nintendo has even more character reveals to share that would further expand the roster. Perhaps there are even plans to finally give Waluigi his chance to join the fight, a character that was notably left out of the reveals and resulted in semi-joking, semi-serious remarks about how he should be added.

Even if there aren’t any big reveals, you can expect that there will be some more gameplay previews and other demonstrations of mechanics and features. The Nintendo Direct doesn’t air until Wednesday though, so Nintendo still has plenty of time to tease what’s to come.