Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak Potentially Confirms Sora as Final DLC Fighter

A recent leak associated with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may have just confirmed that Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series is poised to be the game's final DLC fighter. While this leak in question that points back to Sora's addition in Smash Bros. Ultimate cannot be verified directly, the way in which it lines up with Nintendo's forthcoming stream in early October which will reveal the last DLC character is almost too on the nose. 

The leak in question that is associated with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes by way of 4chan, which is a bit of a nebulous place for rumors to stem from. Given that all users on this website are anonymous, it's hard to know with any level of certainty whether or not what is being said contains any sort of accuracy. That being said, all that way back in July 2021, one user posted to a thread claiming to work for Disney. In their post, they said that Nintendo had recently requested a number of tracks for Kingdom Hearts that it was planning to use in a "digital event" that would take place later this year on October 5. As such, this user went on to state that Sora was going to be the final fighter coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC. 

If you're not aware of why this leak would have any credibility, well, just this past week, Nintendo outright confirmed that it's going to be holding a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation on October 5. During this stream, it will announce the final character coming to the fighting game while also giving fans a first look at how they will play. For an anonymous user to have predicted the exact date of such an event nearly two full months ago is certainly eyebrow-raising, and definitely adds some credibility to the claim that Sora is heading to Smash. 

That being said, it's worth stressing that this leak should be taken with the usual grain of salt. Given that all of this information comes from 4chan, there's a good chance that this "leak" could be completely fake. No matter what the truth is, though, we'll only have to wait one more week to know for certain who the last character coming to the game will be.


Still, what do you think about this strange situation? Do you believe that there is a chance for Sora to be the final fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Let me know your reaction either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.