'Team Fortress 2' Just Got A Monopoly Edition

Every cool thing gets a Monopoly edition eventually, and it was just Team Fortress 2's turn.

According to the description, Team Fortress 2 Monopoly "let's players fight for (and defend) their title of King of the Hill by spending their Saxton Bucks, building up properties with RED Barns and BLU Factories, and traveling across the board using one of six custom tokens".

(Photo: Merchoid)

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The game is available to pre-order at Merchoid for $52.99 (shipping included), but the stock is low. It's also available to pre-order on Entertainment Earth for $39.99, so you may be able to save a little money even with shipping tacked on. You can even scrap the shipping charge with orders of $79 or more. Either way the game is expected to arrive in the October/November timeframe.


You can check out pics of the Team Fortress 2 Monopoly board and tokens in the gallery below. There have been several unofficial Team Fortress 2 Monopoly designs over the years, and they all seem more fun than what I can glean from this early set of pics. As many have noted in the past "Go to Jail" really should be a Random Crit hit, but I'm not seeing enough custom twists like that here.