Technoblade In-Game Minecraft Memorial Receives Nearly 400K Messages

Technoblade's in-game Minecraft memorial has received hundreds of thousands of messages from fans. For those who are unware, Technoblade was a Minecraft YouTuber who passed away from cancer at age 23 last week. The YouTuber amassed over 10 million subscribers during his nearly 10 year tenure on the platform and made a massive impact on the community. His father released one last video on the channel, revealing the YouTuber's final message to his fans. It was a devastating loss for fans and a bit sudden despite the fact it was public knowledge that he had been battling cancer for some time. The YouTuber's mark was made all the bigger when Minecraft added a Technoblade tribute into the launcher of the Java Edition.

Popular Minecraft server Hypixel, a server that Technoblade was closely involved with, created a memorial to the content creator with the consent of his family. In the main lobby of the server, fans can visit the memorial and also leave a message for Technoblade's family in a digital book. The book will later be moderated and then printed and given to the family. It turns out it may actually be a bit more complicated than just giving the family a simple book as 377,000 fans have left a message for the family. According to Hypixel Studios' CEO, Noxy, it will take roughly 200 250 page A4 books to print it all out. It sounds like this will not deter Noxy as he went on to speak fondly about the situation. "Not a complaint btw, I think this an amazing thing and an incredible testament to his legacy," he said. "We are honoured to do it. Even if it was 1,000 books."

Users have until the end of July to leave a message in the book. It will be pretty interesting to see the end product and seeing just how massive of a project this ends up being. Nevertheless, as Noxy says, it's a testament to how many people were moved by Technoblade and how much of an impact he had on the Minecraft community.

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