The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Returning To The Arcade For The First Time In Over Two Decades

Turtles 2

Anyone remember the 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games from Konami? Sure, you do. Both the original game and Turtles In Time brought plenty of four player fun for all ages – and made us wonder why Konami hasn't re-released them (outside of the 2007 Xbox 360 re-release and whatever the heck that Ubisoft Re-Shelled game was). Also, we shouldn't forget the pinball game either.

But now we've got some fresh Turtle action coming our way, as the quartet of shell-shocked heroes are making their way back to the arcades. Yep, for the first time since Turtles In Time, you'll be able to battle with three of your friends in Turtle combat.

According to Arcade Heroes, Raw Thrills, the arcade developer behind such games as Batman: The Arcade Game and H2Overdrive, will be bringing the new four player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game to the IAAPA 2017 event, for distribution in arcades sometime in 2018.

(Photo: Arcade Heroes)

The game looks to have a similar control style of the original games, with a joystick for each player and attack buttons. However, instead of two buttons, there are three, indicating that the third button could be for some kind of special move.

Ninja Turtles is being advertised as a "brand new adventure" with 4-player action, and the ability to be a redemption option if people want to earn tickets. But it's not like other redemption games – it's a beat-em-up, through and through, and looks to be based upon the Nickelodeon TV series of the same name.

Speaking with Arcade Heroes, Raw Thrills noted that, "This new version of TMNT is a completely new re-imagining of the brawler concept. There are more moves, more environmental interaction, cool Turtle Power special attacks, voiceover from the entire cast (including Seth Green and others)…it's really amazing."

Plus, it probably looks better than ever with its 55" inch screen, and the game will also feature some neat gameplay additions, like team-up attacks, environmental attacks (can we hit a fire hydrant again?) and more.


There's no exact word on when the game will be available in arcades, but considering it's just about ready for a convention debut, we're probably not too far off. Get your quarters and pizza, because this game could likely make you say, "Cowabunga!"