Rumor: The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date, Setting, and More Revealed

A new rumor pertaining to The Elder Scrolls VI has surfaced, and it has a lot of fans of the series talking. Most notably, the rumor, which comes from an alleged developer on the project, talks about the game's release date, which, at this point, hasn't been determined. However, the rumor suggests we won't be seeing the game until 2025, which would obviously make it a PS5 and Xbox Series X game. Beyond this, the most salient, alleged detail divulged is the game's setting: High Rock and Hammerfell.

"Most of you have guessed right, it takes place in High Rock and Hammerfell. But the twist is that the landmass you see in the trailer is actually Yokuda, the archipelago remnants of the Redguard's homeland," alleges the rumor. "We're really excited about this because High Rock hasn't be really explored since Daggerfall, and Hammerfell has a ton of interesting lore that's really shaping quests and plot lines. So many players seem to think that High Rock is just generic medieval fantasy, but the truth though is that Arena and Daggerfall were both more closely inspired by DnD, and as a result leaned into that generic fantasy a bit more. Our approach to High Rock is going to be more closely leaning into Mark Jones's various concept work from Battlespire. Still a bit close to the typical medieval fantasy, but it's got a really unique style that a lot of us are passionate about. High Rock is shaping up to be really interesting and it really scratches the itch for a mystic world. A lot of the quests revolve around political intrigue and making advancement in magic."

Beyond these two critical details, the anonymous source also makes a slew of other claims. For example, they note that the main quest revolves mostly around Direnni Tower, which is still operative. Of course, Thalmor elves are involved, but tensions between High Rock and Hammerfell are also very high, which is a weakness the Thalmor are exploiting.

"As you all know, the title is Redfall, so a lot of that has to do with Hammerfell being threatened," adds the rumor, which also reveals you can only play as a human.

Meanwhile it's alleged that the rumors of a procedurally generated world are 100 percent false. Like previous games, the world will be hand-crafted. However, there will be some procedurally generated quests to ensure an element of freshness between playthroughs and give players more to do. However, it sounds like these will be a minority of quests.

Another point the rumor touches on is loading screens. Right now the intention is apparently to have a world with no loading screens, bar entering dungeons, the player home, and fast traveling.

Beyond this the rumor -- which you can find here -- dumps out a ton more information about the game, including information about guilds, crafting, DLC, vampires, political themes, factions, spells, and much more. It's a proper information dump. Whether it's a proper factual information dump, is another story though.


Like any rumor, especially of the anonymous variety, all of this should be taken with a major grain of salt. Even if everything here is accurate, it's also all subject to change, especially if the game is as far away as the rumor alleges.