The Flash Joins 'Arena of Valor' DC Hero Lineup

Arena of Valor is a popular MOBA title by Tencent Games that offers players an intense experience for every type of play style. Tanks, healers, mages - no matter your particular style of fighter, they've got you covered.

For those that are particularly fond of a certain DC hero, there's even better news because the company has just confirmed that The Flash has officially entered in the arena! According to Tencent, "The fastest man alive deals magic damage with lightning speed utilizing special moves like sonic boom, super speed, mach punch and cyclone, bringing your enemies to their knees and victory to your team."

Though he may be the fastest, he's certainly not the only DC character on the roster. He's joined by Wonder Woman, Superman, and even The Joker with even more surprise reveals coming throughout the next couple of weeks. That works out perfectly, it gives players a chance to fine tune their skills with the DC hero before it's time to experiment with different heroes in the future!

According to Tencent, "We used The New 52 version of the Flash for our design, incorporating various characteristics from the comics. The in-game model also uses additional energy and lightning effects while moving to truly give the feeling that he's zipping around the battlefield."


Here are a few of the abilities you can look forward to when assume the role of the iconic Flash:

  • Sonic Boom - Passive
    • Every time The Flash moves 4 units, he will receive one stack of speed force. Upon reaching 10 stacks, The Flash will activate the speed force, strengthening his next normal attack while dashing forward. He also temporarily reduces his target's movement speed by 50% and deals magic damage. When he hits his target, he gains a shield.
  • Super Speed
    • After a short charge up, The Flash dashes forward, dealing magic damage to all enemies in his path. The Flash cannot be controlled while dashing and can cancel the dash by using another ability.

      When The Flash reaches his destination, he can activate the skill again to return to where he started, dealing magic damage. Enemies damaged by the initial dash are dealt an additional magic damage.

  • Mach Punch
    • The Flash channels the speed force and punches an enemy 5 times within 0.8 seconds, dealing magic damage every time. The last punch deals double damage and when it hits an enemy, grants The Flash an 40% movement speed increase that weakens over 2 seconds.
  • Cyclone
    • The Flash takes off in a circle and creates a cyclone, dealing magic damage to surrounding enemies for 2 seconds. While he is generating the cyclone, The Flash cannot be targeted by abilities and can move the cyclone's position at 40% of his movement speed. 2 seconds later when The Flash stops, the vacuum from the cyclone pulls in surrounding enemies, dealing magic damage.

Arena of Valor is an incredibly popular game world-wide boasting over 200 million registered users making it a MOBA experience to watch out for. Since Tencent also owns a vast majority of Riot Games, those who are a fan of League of Legends also will find a similar game type and even similarly stylised characters. To learn more about Arena of Valor, check out our interview with Tencent right here.