Tyler1 Demolishes Twitch Records With His Return to League of Legends

Tyler1 has crushed the Twitch record for most viewers watching an individual’s stream with his [...]

League of Legends Draven
(Photo: Riot Games)

Tyler1 has crushed the Twitch record for most viewers watching an individual's stream with his dramatic return to League of Legends.

The notorious streamer who was banned for toxicity that ranged from flaming his teammates to his popularization of "running it down mid" to throw games is now free to publicly play League again, and it looks like viewers are glad to see him back. He streamed his return to League that took place today through Twitch, and before he could even begin the stream, subscriptions, views, and comments were already pouring in.

While the number of viewers who were glued to his stream fluctuated, the viewer count climbed as high as 380,000 people at one point. Massive events for other games including League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments have easily amassed more viewers, but as far as an individual streamer goes, Tyler1 has set a new record with ease. The previous record was held by another League player, Faker, who had around 245,000 viewers when he hopped on Twitch to show viewers why he's considered the best player the game has seen. With the stream beginning at 3 p.m. CT, it still has more viewers than Faker's previous record at the time this is written over two hours into his stream.

Viewers and records aside, the amount subscribers that Tyler1 amassed during his stream are numbers that smaller channels and even established streamers could only hope for. While hundreds of thousands tuned into his channel, plenty of them subscribed while they were there with the streamer accumulating around four subscriptions a second on average.

Tyler1 discussed his ban in the beginning and spent the first few minutes of the stream bantering with viewers while saying that Riot "begged" him to come back, a request that he agreed to if and only if he was allowed to play his main champion, Draven, every game. Draven got banned against him in the first game, but that didn't stop the reformed streamer from continuing his games, expletives and entertaining outbursts peppered throughout.

The streamer plans to continue streaming from now on, so subscribe to or keep track of his Twitch channel for more streams.