New UFC 4 Trailer Reveals and Details Career Mode

EA revealed a brand new UFC 4 trailer today giving PS4 and Xbox One players a preview of the game's career mode, which includes a variety of new features and improvements from the career mode of the past games. As you would expect, it looks like an EA Sports game career mode, but it does have some additions that players of the game should appreciate when they aren't dumping endless hours into multiplayer.

Included in these additions is Coach Davies, who will guide players on their journey. There's also a new relationship system, new fighter evolution, new choices to make, and the opportunity to learn from some of the best fighters in the octagon.

Below, you can check out the new career mode trailer, and below that, a rundown of all the highlights of career mode that EA has gone out of its way to highlight:

  • Coach Davies: Coach Davis is our new interactive coach character that will guide you on your journey to the top of the UFC.
  • Fighter Evolution: Your fighter will grow and improve based on the decisions you make in the gym and in the Octagon. Depending on your tendencies in training and in fights, your fighter will begin to become more proficient in the attack styles you use more often. So if you want to be a great striker, throw more combos — and if you want to be a great wrestler, take it to the mat!
  • Relationship System: Interact with fans, fighters and promoters to shape your reputation and career. Call out opponents on social media, pick up some moves from sparring partners and shape your story. Will you be a hero or a villain?
  • Learn From the Best: If you want to fight like a UFC champion, you've got to train with UFC champions. Invite other fighters to your camp and you'll pick up on their habits, styles and techniques. Want to become a better grappler? Bring Khabib to camp. Want to throw heavy hands? Spar with Masvidal. Just like in a real fighter's career, your training partners will rub off on you and influence your style.
  • Pick Your Path: Will you fight in the amateur circuit, build your name in the World Fighting Alliance, or get your shot in the spotlight on The Contender series? The choice is yours — and each decision affects your ascent to the top.
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EA Sports UFC 4 is set to release worldwide on August 14 via the PS4 and Xbox One. At the moment of publishing, there's been no official word of any additional platforms.