Fight Breaks Out at Walmart Over PlayStation 5 Selling Out

A fight recently broke out in Walmart, and naturally, the PS5 was involved. Last week, on December 10, a fight broke out at a Doral Walmart in Florida, which ended with three different people going to jail. The incident began within the store after employees alerted customers that had reportedly been waiting in line for the PS5 for more than eight hours that the console was about to sell out. Naturally, this news didn't go over well with those still waiting in line.

According to Doral Police's incident report, a man by the name of Juan Ramirez became aggressive with several Walmart employees after the news was announced, which led to the Doral Police being summoned.

Arriving on the scene, Officer Pacheco escorted Ramirez out of the store, which is when the trouble escalated. According to the aforementioned report, Valeria Aguilar, who was with Ramirez, attempted to thwart Officer Pacheco whilst holding her 4-month-old child. Adding to these claims, the report mentioned that Aguilar also punched the officer with a closed fist, which resulted in the officer falling to the ground. A video [LINK HERE] of the fight has surfaced online, but it only shows a glimpse of the altercation and does not show a punch being thrown.

According to Aguilar, Officer Pacheco fell to the ground because she "lost control of her body." That said, while Aguilar is contesting the claim, she, her father Fredie Aguilar, and the aforementioned Ramirez were all arrested for the incident.

According to the report, Aguilar's father grabbed Office Pacheco by her collar, which was why he was brought to jail alongside his daughter and Ramirez.


As NBC Miami notes, Doral Police are currently reviewing the matter. Meanwhile, Walmart has, so far, not commented on the incident. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story. And of course, as more details come in about the incident, they will be added as well.

This isn't the first incident of this variety involving the PS5, and it likely won't be the last. Like the Xbox Series X, the console is incredibly hard to obtain.