Free Xbox Games with Gold for June Announced

Xbox’s next slate of free Games with Gold titles for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers have been announced with four games available for free starting in June. Those games are Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, Coffee Talk, Destroy All Humans!, and Sine Mora, and they’ll be spread out throughout the month of June with the exception of Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse which will be available from the start of June till the end. Microsoft announced these new free games this week and gave a preview of each of them for those who aren’t familiar to give an idea of what’s coming next month.

As is the case with every month of free games, one of them is the headliners. Next month, that game is Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse which will be available from June 1st to June 30th. It’s a game that released years ago but has still remained a popular one in the Shantae series.

“Embark on an exciting adventure with your favorite hair-whipping, belly-dancing genie,” the Xbox Wire’s preview of the game read. “After losing her magic abilities, Shantae must team up with her nefarious nemesis, Risky Boots, in order to save Sequin Land. Slay monsters, battle epic bosses, and obtain new weapons in a quest to remove an evil curse from the land and gain back her magical powers in the process!”

While the typical process for these free Games with Gold titles is to have two of them available from the Xbox One catalog while the other two are from the Xbox 360, June changes that a bit by offering a game which was available on the original Xbox. That game is Destroy All Humans! which will be available from June 1st to June 15th and will be playable on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.


This game being on the Games with Gold lineup makes sense for June seeing how there’s a big release in the series happening in July. THQ Nordic is releasing a remake of the original game with updated graphics and more, so if you played through the original, you’ve got something to look forward to this summer. If you haven’t and you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, June will be your chance to play through the game so that you can compare and contrast when the remade version releases in July.

Xbox’s free games for June will be made available soon, so be sure to get the ones you can still download for May while they’re around.