Xbox Sale Offers Big Discounts Thanks to Watch Dogs: Legion

The Microsoft Store has been "hacked" by Watch Dogs: Legion to pass savings onto Xbox One owners who are looking for a new game or two. Microsoft announced the themed Xbox sale this week with that sale live from now until November 22nd to take as much as 75% off of games that are still normally priced at the usual $59.99. A separate part of the themed event offers more incentives for anyone planning on picking up Watch Dogs: Legion when it releases next week.

This sale on Xbox One games is basically just a Ubisoft sale since it only features games from that publisher, but it's a pretty good one if there's a Ubisoft game or two you've been on the fence about getting. Anyone familiar with Ubisoft games will know that the publisher is no stranger to releasing multiple editions of games along with add-on content on top of that. You'll find both of those types of releases in the sale along with the base games if you just want to start from there.

Below is a list of the 17 different games, add-ons, and special editions on sale during the Watch Dogs: Legion promotion. We've included the percentage off as well so show how much is saved, but the price listed is the discounted one. If you follow the links to see the games in the Microsoft Store, you'll noticed that their artwork has been hacked as well to feature a decidedly different character than what you'd expect to see in games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey and For Honor.

Xbox One Watch Dogs: Legion Sale


If you spend at least $30 during the sale, you'll get 3,000 Microsoft Rewards points. While it's not on sale here, buying Watch Dogs: Legion itself and earning achievements in it will earn you even more.

Watch Dogs: Legion is scheduled to release on October 29th.