Xbox Series X Event Will Reveal First Look at Halo Infinite Campaign

Halo Infinite's appearance during the upcoming Xbox Series X event will give us our first look at the game's campaign mode, according to new details recently shared by 343 Industries. The latest community update from the developers shared in the Halo Waypoint blog counted down the days until July 23rd when we'll see the Xbox event unfold and said the campaign would be featured there. No other parts of the game – namely multiplayer – were mentioned in the post, so while there's always the chance that we'll see something else from Halo Infinite during the event, it's best to temper expectations now in case the campaign is indeed the only part of the game we see.

The next-gen Halo game got a small section of the Halo Waypoint post to itself that talked about the plans for the Xbox Series X event. It was there that 343 Industries confirmed what we can expect from the event by saying we'd see some of the game's campaign.

"Save the date! We're excited to share what the team's been working on – the first look at Halo Infinite's Campaign is coming on July 23!" 343 Industries' announcement said.

That's all that was said about the game's appearance at the event. If there were going to be something shown about the game's multiplayer component, one would think it'd be advertised there as well, though there could always be a surprise or two in store for viewers.

The Xbox Series X event discussed within the Halo Waypoint post is the one Microsoft is planning for this month that'll focus on many of the first-party games coming to the next-gen Xbox. The event from May showcased a bunch of games confirmed for the console as well, but they were all made by third-party developers, and in some instances, they weren't exclusive only to the Xbox Series X. Considering how Microsoft has been releasing games lately by putting them on the Xbox One as well as Windows PCs, there's a good chance some of the games announced and showcased during the event will be released on PCs as well.


Microsoft's Xbox Series X event is scheduled to take place on July 23rd, so be sure to tune into the event if you're interested in what 343 Industries has to say about Halo Infinite.