Xbox Series X Games Showcase Date Announced

Microsoft has announced the date for its big July Xbox Series X games showcase. According to the official Xbox Twitter page, the games reveal event will go down on July 23, which is a Thursday, and unfortunately for Xbox fans, still a couple of weeks away. Doubly unfortunate, this is all Microsoft has revealed at the moment. There's currently no indication of how long the event will be or whether or not we will get a release date and price point for the Xbox Series X alongside the slab of game reveals.

Speaking of games, we know we will get our first look at Halo Infinite during the event. We also know games like Psychonauts 2 will be present and we suspect to see titles like Hellblade II and Everwild to show up, alongside a new RPG from Obsidian, a new Forza, and the debut title from The Initiative.

Further, there's also many rumors and reports claiming a new Fable game will be revealed during the event, and possibly even a Perfect Dark reboot.

In addition to first-party Xbox games, Microsoft has also confirmed third-parties will be present as well, though it hasn't disclosed any specifics in this regard.

Of course, many are also hoping to hear about the Xbox Series X's consoles release date alongside a price point, but Microsoft hasn't hinted either of these reveals will happen. Further, there are rumors of an "Xbox Series S" and "Xbox Edinburgh," so it's possible we will hear about additional hardware during the event as well. And of course, Xbox Game Pass will probably be present in some capacity.


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