Xbox Series X Price Possibly Leaked Through Pringles Promotion

Another Xbox Series X leak happened in the past few days from an unlikely source that may have revealed the price of Xbox’s next-gen console. This latest leak comes from a Pringles promotion where people in South Africa have the chance of winning an Xbox Series X after the console is released in November. Some math and assumptions are required to factor out the price based on what’s shown in the promotion, but if everything plays out the way it seems like it will, the Xbox Series X will be an expensive device.

The Pringles promotion was spotted by Twitter user Cavie who referenced a post on the Pringles Facebook page directed at residents of South Africa. The promotion’s centered around Xbox products like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the Xbox Series X.

In the breakdown of the prizes and the way they’ll be distributed, the number of prizes and the estimated value of the total prizes involved in the promotion are shown. These are the key parts of the promotion that gives a hint at how much the Xbox Series X will cost.

With 46 different Xbox Series X consoles valued at a total of R621,000, that comes out to R13,500 for each console. Converting that to USD will give you a whopping $800, but that doesn’t seem like the likely price for the console.

Critical Hit pointed out that when you convert the value from Rands to Pounds, it comes out to just over £600. Given how those values have historically lined up with the USD prices, a $599 price tag on the console doesn’t seem unlikely.


That potential price for the Xbox Series X isn’t far off from what many people had been expecting in past estimations after taking the console’s power and components into consideration. It’s also not the first time that we’ve seen that number potentially leaked through promotions. A Monster Energy sweepstakes offered similar prizes by giving away Xbox Series X consoles and copies of Halo Infinite, and after you calculate the total prize value by how many are being given away, it again comes out to around $599 total.

Neither Microsoft nor Sony have announced their prices for the next-gen consoles yet, so we’re left to promotions like this to figure out what the prices might be. That’ll hopefully change soon though with both consoles releasing some time during the holidays.