Xbox Series X Feature Might Spell Trouble for Digital Games

While the Xbox Series X won't release for more than a month, several gaming outlets have been given the opportunity to get a hands-on with the system ahead of launch. IGN is one of those outlets, and they've revealed some interesting new details about Microsoft's next-gen system, and its storage space. According to the website, the Xbox Series X's 1 terabyte of storage space translates to just 802 GB of usable storage space, after everything has been installed. Those that prefer making digital purchases, as opposed to buying physical copies, might want to start making plans for managing the system's storage space!

Of course, there are some ways in which Xbox fans can increase the storage capacity for the system. There's the Seagate 1 TB expansion, which adds 920 GB of usable storage space. Unfortunately, that will set users back a cool $219.99, significantly increasing the price that users will have to spend on the console. For those with the money to spend, however, this option features all of the advantages of using the Xbox Series X's internal storage. As a result, games boot up extremely fast.

For those looking for a cheaper option, Xbox Series X users can also pick-up a USB 3.1 external hard drive. Users can play stored games right off the hard drive itself, or they can move them back and forth between the hard drive and the internal SSD when they want to play them. According to IGN, the process of moving a game from the USB to the SSD takes very little time, and the difference in loading times is significantly noticeable. The extra step just might be worth the saved costs.

It should be noted that storage issues will likely prove problematic for both Microsoft and Sony this console generation. In order to keep the price of both systems down, some concessions had to be made, and it seems that this came in the storage department. With games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releasing massive updates that take up a good chunk of space, it seems that many gamers will be dealing with storage issues over the next console generation.

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