Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event Is Now Live

More than 70 games now have demos available for Xbox One owners to try with the start of Xbox’s Summer Game Fest Demo Event Showcase that’s live now. This ID@Xbox event that’s begun as of July 21st will be around until July 27th with the demos free for players to try without any subscriptions needed, so don’t worry about having Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold for this event. A number of new games have also now been confirmed for the Xbox One, and we’ll see more demos added to the event as the week goes on.

The first time we heard about the event, it was confirmed that there’d be overs 60 game demos available to try. That number’s now gone up with more than 70 available in the showcase and more to be added later.

To find those games, you can hop onto your Xbox One and navigate to the demos section to see what all is available. Microsoft warned people in the Xbox Wire that everything you see there might not be in the final products since these are demos though, so if you see something you like, you’ll want to keep up with the game via its developer to see what’s changing before their releases.

“Games will start to be playable today, and we encourage you to continue to check your Xbox Dashboard as more will continue to become available throughout the week!” Microsoft’s post on the Xbox Wire said. “Just remember that most of these demos are an early look at gameplay and may not represent the full game release, including the availability in each country as developers continue to update and refine their title ahead of launch.”


With more than 70 games to try out, the list encompassing everything you can try right now is a big one. Below you’ll find a snippet of that list with 15 newly announced games confirmed for the Xbox One.

  • Ars Fabulae (Punk Notion)
  • Back to Belt (Mauricio Felippe)
  • Darkestville Castle (Epic Llama)
  • Ephemeral Tale (Dawdling Dog, ltd.)
  • Fractal Space (Haze Games)
  • Galacide (Puny Human)
  • Kaze and the Wild Masks (PixelHive)
  • Mars Power Industries Deluxe (7A Games)
  • Pixel Skater (Chickopie Games)
  • Seasons of the Samurai (TopView Studio)
  • Skycadia (Studio Nisse LLC)
  • Space Otter Charlie (Wayward Distractions)
  • The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines (tinyDino)
  • The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav (Daedalic Entertainment)
  • The Dark Eye: Memoria (Daedalic Entertainment)

Xbox’s demo showcase event is live now with these game demos available until July 27th.

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