xQc Screams at the Top of His Lungs in Epic Valorant Rant

Everyone gets a little bit frustrated over video games at times, and Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel is no exception! During a 1v1 overtime session in Valorant, the streamer was picked off mere seconds after planting the spike, resulting in a loud yell of frustration. In true gamer fashion, xQc elected to blame the game for his woes, but it certainly looks like he got picked off fair and square. It's a moment that every gamer can relate to at some point or another, and it's easy to get a laugh out of it when it isn't happening to you! A clip can be found right here.

"No!" screamed xQc following the loss. "Dude. It was blocked! Why? This game is so broken!"

For those less familiar with Valorant, the game is a team-based tactical FPS. One team is designated the attacking team, and it must plant and activate a bomb called "the spike," while a defending team is tasked with neutralizing the spike before it goes off. Success with either results in the round going to that team. In competitive, overtime must be won by two rounds. xQc's team was up by one round, and a win from the streamer would have secured an overall victory. However, his loss resulted in another tie, and the game continuing. While xQc was clearly frustrated by the moment, his teammates can be heard laughing in the background. Clearly, they didn't take the loss as personally as he did!

As of this writing, Valorant has 15 different playable agents to choose from. In the video, xQc is playing as Sage and is taken out by a player using Sova. The player uses Sova's Hunter's Fury Ultimate, which emits energy blasts that can go through walls. When xQc moves out of range to plant the spike, he finds success, but gets gunned down with Sova's Recon Bolt Signature when looking around the corner. It's clearly a bad break for the streamer, but that's just how gaming goes sometimes!

Valorant is now available on PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.


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[H/T: Dexerto]