Exclusive Dragon Ball Super Blu-ray Bundles Are Up for Pre-Order Now at Walmart

Dragon Ball Super's anime might have ended, but that isn't stopping the franchise from releasing new ways for fans to re-watch, or watch for the first time, the adventures that saw Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters pitting their strength against the power of the Gods. Wal-Mart is letting fans put in their pre-orders for a blu-ray set that collects the first three "arcs" of the anime which include the re-tellings of the Battle of the Gods, the Resurrection of F, and the Universe 6 Tournament Arc. Coming with a Goku pin, this set is definitely a Dragon Ball fan's dream.

The first two arcs of the Dragon Ball Super anime re-told the first two movies of the series, which saw Goku first battling against Beerus the God of Destruction and learning how to become a Super Saiyan God, only to be followed by a titanic fight against a resurrected Freeza during the second film that saw both him and Vegeta debuting the transformation of Super Saiyan Blue. The Universe 6 Arc didn't have a movie to base its events on but gave us a new arc that introduced the idea of alternate realities to the Dragon Ball franchise, which would be instrumental in the introduction of one of the anime's biggest stories in the Tournament of Power arc.

Wal-Mart made the new Dragon Ball Super exclusive set available to pre-order on their website, retailing for around $100 USD that will collect the first three arcs of the anime sequel series, that will be released in the fall of this year in October, giving fans a new way to watch the earliest arcs!

Dragon Ball Super Wal-Mart
(Photo: Wal-Mart)

There has yet to be any new information with regards to the return of Dragon Ball Super's anime, with either a television series or feature length film, but fans are waiting with baited breath for the return of Goku and company. Most likely, the next chapter of the series would adapt the Moro Arc from the manga that sees the Z Fighters battling against the energy absorbing wizard.


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