LG Launching 325 Inch TV That Costs A Staggering Amount Of Money

LG announced a 325 inch TV that will have your wallet crying out for help. They're calling it the Direct View LED and it will run consumers a whopping $1,700,000 after you order it custom and get the unit installed with warranty and support charges. (They'll be around to give it health checks twice a year!) It can go as "small" as 81 inches all the way up to the frankly intimidating 325-inch image. LG is putting the Direct View LED into its Extreme Home Cinema line. These TVs are for "super luxury" homes, but I suppose you could cram this thing anywhere it would fit. There are 33 million LED diodes at play in lighting this massive TV set. Most people will be watching their content on such a screen in 16:9 ratios. But, LG is making it possible for viewers to opt for "UltraStretch" 32:9 if the idea of multiple video sources at the same time sounds like it would be up your alley. 8K picture is available with the full range of diodes, but a lot of people would do just fine with 4K on its own. There's also a WebOS controller box to help the unit function as a smart TV.

"This truly is the supercar of home display technologies, offering hand-constructed quality and performance that appeals to those with luxury lifestyles who want something that is not only immersive but also highly exclusive," said Dan Smith, LG Electronics USA's vice president in a press release. "LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Display technology is rated to last 100,000 hours before reaching half-life, meaning that it could deliver stunning visuals for over 10 years.

(Photo: LG)

"Technologies and disciplines are converging to facilitate a host of digital innovations – AI, 5G connectivity, IoT, cloud, sensors, navigation, batteries – and they are transforming mobility which is a huge part of our lives," Gary Shapiro, president, and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association said to LG. "And we're seeing that sort of change in so many other areas too: transport, logistics, agriculture, healthcare, and even food."

Dr. I.P. Park, the president and CTO of LG offered, "We come back to the importance of working together across industries because building and expanding this kind of ecosystem is absolutely a multidisciplinary effort. It's all about teamwork, collaboration, and partnership when it comes to innovation for a better life in the age of digital transformation."


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