CES 2021 Highlights: LG Rollable Phone & Transparent TV Revealed At Event

LG debuted a rollable phone teaser and a transparent TV at the CES 2021 virtual experience. The [...]

LG debuted a rollable phone teaser and a transparent TV at the CES 2021 virtual experience. The manufacturer has been angling for this kind of technology for years. People have long dreamed of a display that you can fold up into you pocket and take it with you. There are some other hurdles to clear before that becomes a reality though. For the meantime, both the phone design and that television hooked into a bed frame present a flip on the idea. LG is angling to have rolling screens rather than folding ones in these devices. In that way, buyers can still have the compact design that has become routine and still expand the size of devices if they deem it necessary. Funnily enough, LG actually sees multiple uses for that transparent TV and gave viewers a cool look at how it could function in their homes.

The company describes it's 55-inch Transparent OLED Smart Bed as a way to clear up that wall space. The display can be rolled out just a little to display the date, time, and weather. For larger viewing experiences, the entire display will pop out from the foot of the bed. If that weren't extravagant enough, the screen is also 40% transparent, allowing you to see what else is going on in the room. Last year, Xiaomi debuted a similar design, but this one actually rolls up which cuts down physical footprint in the house even more. It will be interesting to see where this kind of technology goes from here. People envisioned this kind of tech integration in their bedrooms and living rooms decades ago. It's just now making waves in luxury markets, but that could be standard in a matter of years.

"Technologies and disciplines are converging to facilitate a host of digital innovations – AI, 5G connectivity, IoT, cloud, sensors, navigation, batteries – and they are transforming mobility which is a huge part of our lives," Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association said to LG. "And we're seeing that sort of change in so many other areas too: transport, logistics, agriculture, healthcare and even food."

Dr. I.P. Park, the president and CTO of LG offered, "We come back to the importance of working together across industries because building and expanding this kind of ecosystem is absolutely a multidisciplinary effort. It's all about teamwork, collaboration and partnership when it comes to innovation for a better life in the age of digital transformation."

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