LG Plans to Release an Epic Big-Screen TV That Rolls Up Like a Poster

Let's be real, technology is cool. You could even say technology is nifty and it's only getting [...]


Let's be real, technology is cool. You could even say technology is nifty and it's only getting better! For those looking to spruce up their gaming areas in a unique way, this roll-up big-screen TV from LG might just be the perfect addition you were hoping for.

According to a recent report from the LA Times, a 65-inch TV is set to be the latest in LG's television line except this isn't any ordinary screen. Instead, this one will retract automatically with a simple touch of a button and if LA Times' anonymous internal source is accurate, will use organic light-emitting diode OLED screens for a crisper than ever image.

The new TV, which technically made its debut earlier during CES, is also incredibly compact with the hopes of bringing LG back up a the top of the sales charts. According to the LA Times, "LG is counting on "rollable" and OLED televisions to revive a consumer electronics business that's grappling with price declines and stiffening Chinese competition. The South Korean conglomerate is shedding workers to streamline and refocus around future technologies, such as flexible displays. A prototype of the television displayed at LG's research center in Seoul can be rolled up and stuffed into a box when not in use."

Since the OLED market is still pretty small when compared to the dominating LCD market, it will be interesting to see how the reception for this new TV will be upon launch and how that will tip the scales for this type of screen.

The idea of "foldable" screens is nothing new with even phone companies looking to utilize this technology. Both Apple and Samsung are looking to implement this sort of screen on their devices and though LG reportedly has "no plans" for this to reach their mobile market, it does look like they are ready to go all in for their television screens.

What do you think about this foldable technology? Would you want this for your TV centerpiece, or do you think it will be unreliable? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!