Momo Challenge Movie in Development at Orion Pictures

The Momo Challenge made headlines after becoming a viral Internet hoax earlier this year, and now the terrifying phenomenon is getting turned into a feature-length film. News broke on Wednesday morning that this creepy sensation, which found itself at the center of controversy thanks to the hoax, is not being adapted into a movie for Orion Pictures.

According to Deadline, Orion Pictures, the studio behind the recent Child's Play reboot, is teaming up with Roy Lee's Vertigo Entertainment and producer Taka Ichise to develop a film about Momo. Given that the picture of Momo alone was enough to give people around the world nightmares, it seems like this idea could deliver some significant scares.

Momo originated as a sculpture by Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa back in 2016, as part of a gallery exhibit in Tokyo. The sculpture is actually called Mother Bird, but it was named Momo by the people who started the hoax rumors about the Momo Challenge, which encouraged children to injure themselves. The entire challenge gained popularity in February when Kim Kardashian told Instagram followers that there were Momo messages hidden in YouTube videos, and a few stories of child-endangerment were reported in other countries.

Mother Bird was initially intended to depict the legend of Ubume, a "venomous, child-snatching bird of Japanese folklore."

This is actually the second film based on the Momo Challenge to head into development. Lilton Stewart III is reportedly directing a movie called The Getaway, which will draw inspiration from the hoax.


Lee and Ichise previously worked together on The Grudge and The Ring franchises. Additionally, Lee produced both IT movies for New Line, based on the book by Stephen King. The first IT film remains the highest-grossing horror film of all time.

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