Barbarian Director Reveals His "Interesting" Prequel Idea (Exclusive)

Full spoilers for Barbarian follow! In a year filled with great new horror movies, Zach Cregger's Barbarian is not only one of the most surprising but also one that has kept viewers on their toes for the entirety of the film. Despite the way that the hit new horror movie ended, some have still been curious about the prospect of Barbarian becoming the next big horror movie franchise. While the movie wraps up with both "The Mother" and Richard Brake's Frank dying, seemingly ending the decades long nightmare brewing under the house, chatter about another chapter has been ongoing since the film debuted.

Cregger previously put the lid entirely on revisiting the movie with a follow-up, and not mincing words either. Speaking with's Chris Killian in a new interview however, we asked Cregger if he'd changed his mind about the idea at all, simply replying: "No." Cregger opened up about the topic a little more though and seemingly talked himself into it, saying:

"Matthew (Davis, "The Mother") and I have actually had conversations about what a prequel would be and I'm not looking (to do that). I'm in the throws of writing something else right now, so I'm not focused on it, but like yeah, there could be a prequel. I think if there was a prequel to this movie it would have to follow The Mother. It would have to make The Mother the main character and would have to tell her story. And I think that's interesting to me, I don't want to make a prequel about Frank abducting women, that's that's not interesting to me."

He adds, "If there's a way that we can crack that story, then I think that could be a really interesting cool movie, you know? So yeah, I guess the answer is the opposite of what I said when you first asked me. Look at that, I really turned around on that whole prequel thing."

Should a prequel to Barbarian occur though it might bot before a while as Cregger confirmed to us that he's working on a handful of other scripts at the time. Not only does he have an original horror movie currently in the works but that "there are conversations about existing horror IP franchise" which he can't talk about. Cregger also teased his work on a script set in DC Comics' Gotham City, something he's also very keen on as well.