Child's Play TV Series Teaser Brings Chucky to Life

Production just wrapped up this week on SYFY and USA Network's Chucky TV series, which continues [...]

Production just wrapped up this week on SYFY and USA Network's Chucky TV series, which continues the long-running horror franchise in a new medium while also telling an all-new story. A brand new teaser video for the show has made its way online however featuring a tease that old-school fans will love. Starting out with the classic "Ade due damballa" chant used throughout the franchise and ends....about where you'd expect for Chucky. To top it all off though the entire ad is done in homage to the trailer for the 1978 horror movie Magic, another famous killer doll movie. Watch the teaser below along with a comparison between it and Magic!

As fans may recall, the "Ade due Damballa" chant was the voo-doo curse that Chucky used to put himself inside a doll in the beginning of the original Child's Play with "Damballa" being the entity whose magic he is conjuring. Chucky, as a doll, would continue to use this chant throughout the series every time he attempted to transfer his soul into the body of another person. Throughout the original three films it was always the first kid he revealed himself to that he attempted to take over but sequels Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky saw others use the chant to bring him back to life.

The upcoming Chucky series will see the return of a number of familiar faces from throughout the franchise, most notably Brad Dourif as the voice of the titular doll. Others include star Jennifer Tilly, seemingly reprising as herself (who is in turn, possessed by Chucky's girlfriend Tiffany (played and voiced by Tilly in the series)), and Dourif's real-life daughter Fiona, reprising as Nica from Curse/Cult of Chucky. The series will also include Alex Vincent returning to the role Andy which he played in the original Child's Play and Child's Play 2, plus Christine Elise McCarthy, who took on the part of Andy's foster sister Kyle in Child's Play 2.

The cast for the Chucky TV series also includes newcomers though with horror royalty Devon Sawa (Final Destination) playing two roles in the film. Others include Lexa Doig (Arrow), and Zackary Arthur (Transparent), Teo Briones (Ratched), Bjorgvin Arnarson (PEN 15), and Alyvia Alyn Lind (The Young and the Restless) as the series' "four young leads."

Chucky will premiere this Fall on SYFY and USA Network with the first episode arriving on October 12.