'Stranger Things' Fan-Favorite Might Have a Larger Role In Season 3

Fans of Stranger Things were thrilled to get to spend more time with their favorite characters in [...]

Fans of Stranger Things were thrilled to get to spend more time with their favorite characters in the show's second season, while also getting to meet a handful of new characters. Of those new characters, Lucas' sister Erica, played by Priah Ferguson, quickly became a fan-favorite, despite her brief screentime. The actress recently shared that she knows what she'd like to see of her character in Season 3, with the show's creators the Duffer Brothers hinting that she'll get a bigger role when audiences return to Hawkins, IN.

"I hope Erica could partner with Lucas and fight off the Demogorgan with Eleven, Mad Max, and the whole cast," the actress told Teen Vogue.

"I feel like her just snooping around in Lucas's room — I feel like that's a little bit of a clue," Ferguson said of her character's strengths. "But maybe not."

Ferguson is in luck, as Matt Duffer told Vulture earlier this year that things are looking good for Erica.

"There is no version of Season 3 where Erica doesn't have a majorly expanded role!" Duffer shared. "She's got to. She's too good."

Even if the character doesn't get a substantial role in the upcoming season, the actress is still grateful of the opportunities she's earned thus far.

"It was an amazing opportunity working with them, and, if they do want to expand my character and bring me back for Season 3, that would be amazing and a blessing," she explained. "But it was so awesome for them to say that. It was like, wow, oh my gosh. It was unbelievable."

The quick-witted character who happily kept Lucas' ego in check may have taken the audience by surprise, but Ferguson knew how much fans would connect with the younger sister character.

"I know the Duffer brothers [the show's creators] and the whole crew does amazing on their writing, so I was expecting that a little bit," Ferguson pointed out. "'Oh, she's an icon. She's one of the best characters.' I was not expecting all of that, but it's amazing."

Even Matt Duffer wasn't entirely prepared for how well Ferguson would embrace the character.

"She knocked it out of the park every time we brought her in. Any excuse we had to get Erica in there, we'd write her in," Duffer told Vulture.

The first two seasons of Stranger Things are currently available on Netflix.

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