'Stranger Things': Erica Teaches You How To Handle Family At Thanksgiving In New Video

If you need help braving through any awkward conversations this Thanksgiving, one Stranger Things 2 standout is here to help.

Netflix recently shared a Stranger Things-themed video titled "How To Respond To Those Pesky Holiday Questions" on their Twitter account.

As the name would suggest, the video provides responses for your family members' pressing questions, using clips of Stranger Things' Erica Sinclair (Priah Ferguson).

The video has some pretty hilarious possibilities for comebacks, from "How are your grades this semester?" being met with "Don't know, don't care" to "Are you going to get married soon?" met with "Can you please shut up?"

Erica - the younger sister of Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) - became just one of the fan-favorites of Stranger Things 2, which debuted on Netflix late last month. Apparently, Ferguson had a feeling that fans would relate to her character, and her wide array of one-liners.

"I know the Duffer brothers [the show's creators] and the whole crew does amazing on their writing, so I was expecting that a little bit," Ferguson told TeenVogue. "'Oh, she's an icon. She's one of the best characters.' I was not expecting all of that, but it's amazing."

The sophomore season of Stranger Things exceeded plenty of expectations, breaking records on Twitter and reportedly earning over 15 million viewers on the streaming platform. Hopefully we'll get more zingers from Erica in the show's later installments.

Stranger Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

Stranger ThingsSunday at on Netflix

Stranger Things

Stranger ThingsSunday at on Netflix

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