Terminator: Dark Fate Runtime Revealed

The new Terminator movie is billing itself as a return to form for the long-running sci-fi [...]

The new Terminator movie is billing itself as a return to form for the long-running sci-fi franchise, with original filmmaker James Cameron overseeing as director Tim Miller plotting the end of Sarah Connor's story in Terminator: Dark Fate. The movie will be the first R-rated entry in the franchise and will feature the return of franchise veterans Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Edward Furlong. While it remains to be seen if this is the course-correcting take on the franchise that's been needed ever since T2: Judgment Day was released in theaters, but now we are getting a better idea of what's in store for fans when the movie releases.

According to the British Board of Film Classification, the movie will have a lengthy runtime of 128 minutes when it hits theaters. That's over two hours of man-vs-machine mayhem for those who need assistance in accumulating time.

The movie will ignore the events of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and every other sequel that has come after, rebooting the timeline after Judgment Day. Director Tim Miller spoke about the importance of focusing on Sarah Connor's role in the franchise during an interview with Fandango.

"I always looked at it as examining the consequences of the choices she makes," said Miller. "And this movie has a time travel aspect, of course, but all of us kind of faced the same problem where you make decisions in your life that will have big consequences in the future based on the path you pick and the decisions you make, and sometimes you have to make those decisions without a complete understanding of the implications of those decisions. And it's something, I think, that everybody can relate to, and often, as I'm sure we've all experienced, sometimes those decisions don't work out well. So I think that this movie was about Sarah examining the implications of those decisions."

Miller added, "And it's almost like Jim [Cameron] set it up for a sequel, even though you didn't feel like you were waiting for a sequel at the end of Terminator 2. When Sarah says, 'I don't know what the future holds, but for the first time I've faced it with hope.' Turns out she was wrong. But it does feel like there needs to be a further explanation of it because she said, 'I did some shit here and I don't know what happens next.' That's where we come in and say, 'Well, this is what happens next.'"

Terminator: Dark Fate premieres in theaters on November 1st.