The Fanatic Star Devon Sawa Looks Back on Being the Original "Stan," Getting Pranked by Fred Durst, and His Macaulay Culkin Feud

The Fanatic, a new thriller from Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, hit theaters today and follows a man [...]

The Fanatic, a new thriller from Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, hit theaters today and follows a man named Moose (John Travolta) who stalks his favorite celebrity, Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa). recently got the chance to speak with Sawa about the film and asked what it was like to star in a movie that has similar themes to Eminem's "Stan" music video, in which Sawa famously played the titular character.

"You know, I never put two and two together until months and months after I finished shooting," Sawa revealed of the "Stan" connection. "I was like oh my God, it's- I guess if you think about it, it's kind of like Stan, I mean a little bit."

During the interview, Sawa also revealed that Durst pranked him before offering up the role in The Fanatic.

"I had to fight for this role a lot," Sawa shared. "Fred wasn't sold on me completely at the beginning and I went down to the studio and laid the whole script on tape for him. Every scene you see in the movie was put on audition tape and sent to Fred. Fred kept it for a couple days, looked over it, finally called me one day and he actually pretended like I wasn't getting it. 'I just wanted to call you and let you know the tape was good and you did a really good job.' He was going on that way for like five minutes and I knew he was trying to let me down and was telling me I wasn't getting it, and then he said, 'You got the role!.'"

We went on to mention how the folks at are fans of "good-spirited feuds," and asked if Sawa had any messages for his fake nemesis, Macaulay Culkin.

"Listen, my lawyer suggested I don't mention anything about Macaulay Culkin, because we are about to press serious charges on him," Sawa joked. "If you actually see helicopters above his house or the S.W.A.T team showing up, don't be surprised because we have been working on that for some time now."

In addition to talking about The Fanatic, Sawa also weighed in on the upcoming Final Destination reboot, and revealed that he'd make another Idle Hands movie "in a heartbeat."

The Fanatic is now playing in theaters and will have a VOD and digital release on September 6th.