Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights Celebrates 30 Years With "Hell of Fame" Maze

Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights has been immersing guests in their favorite horror movies for years, but the seasonal attraction isn't limited to merely adopting iconic characters from movies and TV, as they also deliver their own original characters, with this year seeing the event in Orlando bringing back their most beloved and frightening figures for a fresh maze. Their Halloween Horror Nights Captured: Icons maze will confine guests in veritable "Hell of Fame" of terrifying original characters, honoring the 30 years of creations the event has unleashed every Halloween. This year's Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights from September 3rd through October 31st.

Per press release, "The most notorious Halloween Horror Nights icons in Universal Orlando history will join forces to inflict unimaginable terror upon guests in the all-original haunted house – Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured. The sinister new experience will thrust guests into a monstrous 'Hell of Fame' where they'll face The Caretaker, The Director, The Usher, The Storyteller, Jack the Clown, Chance, and more as part of Halloween Horror Nights 2021, celebrating 30 years of fear select nights from September 3rd through October 31st."

"Developed as part of the Universal Entertainment team's twisted vision to create a slate of disturbing, original characters that rival any horror villain on the big screen, the Halloween Horror Nights icons are relentless in the pursuit of their latest victims and include:

  • The Caretaker, a once well-respected surgeon who has become eerily infatuated with the removal of internal organs – especially while his patients are conscious
  • The Director, an aspiring filmmaker obsessed with capturing the suffering and torture of his victims on film – placing them in their very own living horror movie
  • The Usher, who seeks to invoke violent vengeance on those who don't follow the rules of his theater
  • The Storyteller, who stops at nothing to entrap guests into her latest tales of terror, where no one lives happily ever after
  • Jack the Clown – the original Halloween Horror Nights icon and the most feared of them all – and his assistant Chance, a deadly pair who thrive on tormenting victims in ways that embody their sick sense of humor

"This fall, the brutal cruelty, and madness of this collection of foreboding figures will be unleashed in Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured. Guests will quickly realize they're the hunted as they desperately try to escape the grasp of each character within its ominous domain. From The Storyteller's infamous bed of razor-sharp nails to the cadaver-filled mortuary run by The Caretaker, harrowing horrors will await guests at every turn – giving them no choice but to face the most horrifying legends in Halloween Horror Nights history.


"Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights begins Friday, September 3rd and runs select nights through Sunday, October 31st – featuring 10 elaborately themed haunted houses, five scare zones, and live entertainment based on everything from horror and pop culture greats to original abominations that go beyond guests' darkest nightmares. And when they need a break from the screams, guests can enjoy access to Universal Studios' most exhilarating rides and attractions."

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com.

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