Bruce Willis Sports His Original Armageddon Jumpsuit in Quarantine

Bruce Willis sure is dipping into some old memories as he practices social distancing amid the novel coronavirus pandemic that has ground Hollywood to a halt. In addition to hunkering down with ex-wife Demi Moore and their kids, Willis is apparently going through some old wardrobe. Rumer Willis, the daughter of Willis and Moore, shared a photo of her dad preparing for another day in the pandemic by wearing the orange coveralls recognizable to millions as the clothes he wore in Michael Bay's Armageddon. She posted the image to her Instagram account with the caption that Willis said it was his "saving the world outfit," and fans pretty quickly latched on for themselves.

That movie is about 20 years old, folks. We're kind of surprised he didn't need one of those giant drills from the third act just to dig deep enough to find that jumpsuit.

You can check it out below.

Credit: @Rumer Willis

In Armageddon, Willis plays the leader of a group of working-class oil rig workers, who are tapped by NASA to help save the world by traveling into space and drilling a hole into a massive, approaching asteroid so that it can be blown to pieces before it collides with the Earth and causes catastrophic damage.

We can't do justice to Affleck's rant. You can check it out below, and you'll be happy you did.

Willis has been staying either with, or across the street from, Moore and the kids during social distancing, according to various sources. The actor reportedly owns a house across the street from his ex, and has been unsuccessfully trying to sell it for a while -- but it turns out such things can be handy when a viral pandemic forces you to shelter in a house that isn't your "place." Willis has been keeping in touch with his current wife and other child throughout the pandemic, and given the much-publicized friendship between Willis, Moore, and their significant others, it's likely fans are more surprised and confused by the plans than anyone actually living with them.


Willis also reportedly recently reached out to filmmaker Kevin Smith, after nearly a decade of not talking, during which Smith routinely made their bad relationship on the set of Cop Out a staple of his comedy routines.

“Reach out to an old friend or to someone you never thought would be a friend again,” Smith told fans after. “You never know what bridges you can mend.”

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