Disney World To Present Reopening Plans

Disney has taken a bit hit thanks to the closing of its parks, but it seems there is a time coming soon where we at least know when the parks will start their journey to reopening. That time is right around the corner, as it came out today that Walt Disney World and Seaworld will make a presentation tomorrow to the Economic Recovery Task Force at 10 am, reported by Ryan Lynch of the Orlando Business Journal. It was also confirmed later by the official Disney Parks account, and you can read both announcements below.

"Tomorrow, Walt Disney World and Seaworld will present their reopening plans to the Economic Recovery Task Force at 10 a.m."

"Update: Walt Disney World will submit a proposal tomorrow, May 27, to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force in Florida for a phased reopening of the resort's theme parks."

Now, this is just a presentation of the plan, so don't go expecting the parks to reopen this week or anything. That said, this is a first necessary step towards opening back up for business, and we imagine like many states you'll see the staggered opening up parks and businesses until everything is open once more.

That's the same approach Disney has taken with its resorts, which were not only staggered but also were reopen with several new guidelines in place to help prevent the spread of any infections, such as face masks, temperature checks, and more, all of which were broken down by Disney Parks exec Matt Simon.


"Everything we’re doing during this unprecedented time is in service of our guests, our cast members and our third-party operating participants, who will also be following these new guidelines in their locations," Simon says. " We are constantly monitoring conditions and best practices, and we continue to learn every day from health and government authorities. As a result, our operational changes and safety measures may change from time to time as circumstances evolve. We want to deliver all the Disney magic you know and love with safety, as always, our top priority."

We'll keep you posted with what happens with the big presentation, but we're sure many fans are looking forward to the day where they can enter the Magic Kingdom.