Dunkin' Donuts Sued By Woman For Too Hot Coffee

As with the famous Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants, aka the "Hot coffee lawsuit," there's more going on here than a simple headline can break down in just a few words. According to CBS Boston, Angela Barbosa has filed a lawsuit in Plymouth Superior Court alleging that in the summer of 2020 while purchasing some hot coffee from a Dunkin' drive-thru the scalding beverages injured them. According to the report the suit claims that they ordered multiple hot coffees which weren't placed firmly enough in the carrying tray nor had their lids on tight enough, resulting in the beverages spilling onto her "burning her legs and buttocks." The suit adds:

"Screaming in pain, the Plaintiff was forced to rip off her leggings in the parking lot, exposing herself in full view of the Dunkin Donuts employees. Seeing this, the employees were pointing, laughing, and mocking the Plaintiff. Thus, not only was she burned and in pain as a result of the employees' negligence, she suffered the indignity and extreme embarrassment of being laughed at and mocked, while in a very vulnerable and exposed condition...The Plaintiff suffered serious bums to her legs and buttocks. As well as nerve damage...The bum affected a mole on the Plaintiffs buttocks, causing significant pain and discomfort, for which the Plaintiff required surgery to remove the mole and skin lesions. The mole had to be removed completely down to the subcutaneous fat layer...As a result of the burn, the Plaintiff suffered a scar to her leg and buttocks area, and the scar appears to be permanent. The Plaintiff will likely need cosmetic surgery in the future to reduce the scar's visibility."

They're seeking a jury trial and damages "in an amount sufficient to compensate her for her losses." The suit reports that they've incurred to date $779.12 in medical bills. Furthermore the suit alleges one count of Negligence, one count of Negligent Inflicton of Emotional Distress, and Intentional Inflicton of Emotional Distress. 

As you may have guessed the suit is also not against Dunkin' the corporation but against a franchisee, Cadete Enterprises of Pembroke, Massachusetts in this case. Cadete Enterprises own multiple franchises for Dunkin', at least ten of them, in addition to Anytime Fitness and Meineke Car Care Centers. 

This marks the latest surprising coffee headline regarding Dunkin with previous reports revealing that Dunkin coffee Halloween costumes are available for spooky season this year.