Dunkin' Introduces Four New At Home Coffee Flavors

Coffee is an important part of the morning for a lot of people and while for some, that morning [...]

Coffee is an important part of the morning for a lot of people and while for some, that morning cup is all about bringing the brain online, for others the flavor is just as important as the jolt of caffeine. Now, Dunkin' is adding four new flavors to their Dunkin' At Home coffee lineup to give coffee drinkers a dessert in a mug experience all from the comfort of home. Heading to store shelves over the next few weeks are Turtle Love, Caramel Me Crazy, Chocoholic Pancake, and Cinnamania.

Chocoholic Pancake is described as "chock full of sweet milk chocolate, smooth dark chocolate, and creamy chocolate chip pancake flavors, Dunkin' Chocoholic Pancake is a mouthwatering medley that's just too tasty for breakfast alone." Caramel Me Crazy is described as "brimming with flavors of creamy caramel, butterscotch, and sweet brown sugar, Dunkin' Caramel Me Crazy is so good you won't believe your taste buds."

dunkin at home
(Photo: Dunkin')

Cinnamania is described as "stacked with sweet, sweet cinnamon roll flavor, Dunkin' Cinnamania brings you the bakery-fresh taste you love in every little sip" and Turtle Love is described as "swirling with notes of creamy caramel, buttery pecan, and smooth dark chocolate flavors, Dunkin' Turtle Love is a dark roast that will have you head over heels at first sip."

These new flavors will be available in June at Kroger, Meijer, Albertson's, Hyvee, Giant Eagle, Giant Foods, and Wakefern. Starting in July, they will be available in Target and at Walmart online and later this year they will also be available in Walmart stores as well as Food Lion locations. The only place coffee fans cannot get these new flavors is at Dunkin' retail locations. The ground coffee has a suggested retail price of $7.99 and also comes in K-cups for a suggested retail of $6.99 per 10 count.

Of course, if these new flavors aren't quite your thing, Dunkin' offers a variety of other flavors and options in their at home coffees. You can check out the Dunkin' At Home website for more information about their coffee offerings here.

Will you be checking out Dunkin's new Chocoholic Pancake, Caramel Me Crazy, Cinnamania, and Turtle Love flavors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.