Halloween: Wendys Offering Free Frosty, Here's How To Get It

Though you may not be able to take yourself out Trick or Treating or hand out candy at your house [...]

Though you may not be able to take yourself out Trick or Treating or hand out candy at your house this year, Wendy's is hoping to make your Halloween a little less miserable with some free offers this weekend (though a Wendy's App account is required). According to a press release from the restaurant, fans can go to Wendy's Twitter page to redeem a free small Frosty with purchase on Saturday, October 31 (that's Halloween!). The Wendy's account will make a spooky tweet with a link which will reward guests with a Wendy's app account that tiny treat, it will only be available on October 31 and November 1 but guests will be able to redeem the Free Frost (with purchase) through November 8.

Wendy's fans in the Los Angeles-area eager to experience Wendy's and some Halloween thrills will have the opportunity to take part in their "Scare Thru," located at the restaurant on 8810 S Garfield Avenue, South Gate, California 90280. An immersive experience available from October 29 to 31, the event will take some shots at Wendy's fast food competition including "frightening clowns, terrifying Mad Kings and creepy jack-in-the-box o'lanterns." The first 5,000 drive-thru trick-or-treaters will take home a "Boo" Book – a coupon book that features five individual coupons for a free Jr. Frosty – or FREE Small Frosty coupon for surviving the haunting experience. The event will take place from 6:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. pacific on its days.

This isn't the only fast food chain to put its burger competition in its sights for the Halloween season. Earlier this week it was revealed that Burger Kings (though only in Sweden and Denmark) have what they're calling the "Cancelled Clown" promotion, a play on the legend of Bloody Mary that depicts a frightening version of Ronald McDonald summoned in the mirrors of the restaurant's bathrooms. Burger King guests are encouraged to enter the bathroom of their local restaurant and say "Cancelled clown" three times to the mirror, not only summoning this unnamed "cancelled clown" but rewarding those brave enough to say his name with a treat. You can find a video of the promotion in action below!

We'll have to wait for photos of the Wendy's Scare Thru experience to start making their way online before we know how devastating their owns of fellow fast food joins really is, but that they're actually going for it in the US while Burger King only attempts it in Europe shows guts.