Burger King Halloween Campaign Has Ronald McDonald Appear In Bathroom Mirror If You Say Cancelled Clown Three Times

As if Burger King's mascot wasn't creepy enough himself, the fast food chain is targeting their [...]

As if Burger King's mascot wasn't creepy enough himself, the fast food chain is targeting their McRival for a new campaign ad in their restaurants (which will sadly only be available in Burger Kings across Sweden and Denmark). In what they're calling the "Cancelled Clown" promotion, a play on the legend of Bloody Mary, Burger King guests are encouraged to enter the bathroom of their local restaurant and say "Cancelled clown" three times to the mirror, not only summoning this unnamed "cancelled clown" but rewarding those brave enough to say his name with a treat. You can find a video of the promotion in action below!

"The clown doesn't seem to be happy with the way things ended. But we hope he finds his peace and can move on to bigger and better things," said Daniel Schröder, Marketing Director at Burger King Sweden. The campaign was created by Swedish agency INGO Stockholm.

It seems incredibly unlikely that this promotion will ever make it stateside. Despite their status as the paragons of fast food burgers, Burger King and McDonald's are not always antagonistic toward each other in the United States and definitely not by using the other's intellectual property, though it's not the first time that BK has trolled their competition.

This promotion is also not the first time that an international arm of Burger King rolled out a tremendous Halloween-themed marketing campaign. Last year saw the Burger King at Tokyo Shibuya location celebrate the Halloween season with a completely Zombie themed restaurant on the inside and outside, and even a themed Whopper, which is being called the Ghost Whopper. The store was nicknamed the Shibuya Ghost Store.

Would you dare enter a Burger King bathroom and summon a Pennywise-like equivalent of Ronald McDonald? Do you think that would be scarier than attempting to travel internationally during a pandemic? Sound off below!