Joel McHale Breaks Down Planters Super Bowl Ad With Ken Jeong

The Super Bowl is happening on Sunday with the Los Angeles Rams going up against the Cincinnati Bengals and while some folks are tuning in just for the football, other fans are all about the commercials. One new ad to look forward to will be "Feed the Debate," a Planters Mixed Nuts campaign starring Community alums Joel McHale and Ken Jeong. The two real-life pals find themselves at odds when it comes to eating Planters. Jeong prefers to go one nut at a time while McHale is a fan of eating them all together. In honor of the new ad, had the chance to chat with Jeong and McHale. Jeong gave us his side of the story, and now McHale has a rebuttle... 

"He was thrown out of medicine for eating nuts one at a time," McHale joked about the doctor-turned-actor when asked what he thought of Jeong's comments that his way of eating Planters was more "sophisticated." "That's my response. And I would go back to tell the good doctor or the former doctor that they come mixed. If they were meant to be eaten one at a time, then they would come in a very long straw. You could just pick one at a time. They'd be all in a line ... And also, eating them by the handful is like a party. It's a party in your mouth."

McHale also talked about being approched by Planters and the fun he had with Jeong on set.

"I'm actually a huge fan of Planters brand, and so I eat a lot of mixed nuts. That was already happening. And then they're like, 'You want to be in a full ad?' I'll be like, 'Yes. You want to make my dreams come true? Thank you.' And so the little boy in me got very excited, and then Ken is one of my closest friends on the planet. We met in 2009 on the set of Community, so it was this wonderful, ideal thing that we get to do. I was telling my wife ... 'This is crazy,' and she's like, 'Yeah, enjoy it. Have a good time.'" 

He continued, "So when they made the offer, I did like a Lucy sketch with the phone going, 'I'd love to.' ... We got to improvise a lot. We had this great director and I think the scripts are really funny, but we also screwed around a lot. And the Planters brand people were really cool. And the debate is 'all' or 'one,' and I am in the all-camp all the time, because they come already mixed. They're not meant to be eaten one at a time, darn it."

Before ending the chat, McHale wanted to take one more jab at his pal.

"Well, Ken is completely wrong. I want to tell you that. You eat them all, not one at a time. So there's that. And I will be proved right when the Planters brand Super Bowl ad airs. During the Super Bowl ... the end of the first half. And I feel like I've already won this debate with Ken. The supporters of 'one at a time' will always be very vigilant about their argument, but go to the and find out." 

Stay tuned for more from out interview with McHale where he talks about Stargirl, Spider-Man, Community, and more.

Keep an eye out for Jeong and McHale's Super Bowl ad on February 13th.