Kit Kat Introduce Fruity Cereal Flavor

Fans of Kit Kat have had a lot of things to enjoy in the past several months. Late last year saw the launch of the Kit Kat Flavor Club, where lucky fans would get special Kit Kat swag and in-development Kit Kat products, and Kit Kat thins hit store shelves earlier this year. Now, another new flavor innovation is hitting stores: Kit Kat Fruity Cereal.

According to Hershey's (via Thrillist), Kit Kat Fruity Cereal will hit store shelves this month and will be a limited edition offering, meaning that fans will want to stock up when they can. The candy will have a price of $1.09 per standard 1.5 oz bar. Kit Kat also announced the new flavor variety on social media as well.

As for the flavor, the candy is said to taste like a bowl of fruity cereal akin to Froot Loops. The packaging for the candy even features a bowl of Froot Loops-style cereal. In this flavor variety, the wafer has a crisp, cereal-like texture while the pink creme coating bears the fruity cereal flavor.

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If the new Kit Kat Fruity Cereal flavor doesn't quite interest you, but you're still looking for something outside the standard chocolate variety of the popular candy, you're in luck. Lemon Crisp Kit Kats returned earlier this year and the Key Lime flavor is still available as well.


Will you be checking out the new Kit Kat Fruity Cereal flavor? What is your favorite Kit Kat variety? What's one variety of Kit Kat you wish they'd make? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!