Krispy Kreme Selling "Hot Now" Light Up Sweater For the Holidays

With Thanksgiving over, the holiday season is in full swing and even in a world that looks very different this year thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic there is still holiday cheer, shopping, food, decorations and even festive holiday sweaters. There's the always fun "ugly" Christmas sweater option -- Baby Yoda, now officially named Grogu, seems to be a popular option there. There's also the festive nerdy variant, such as the pretty awesome-looking Godzilla Christmas Holiday Sweater. But for food fans, there's another option. Krispy Kreme has their own festive holiday sweater and it lights up.

Available on the doughnut brand's merchandise site,, the Krispy Kreme "Hot Now" Light Up Sweater is a thing that actually exists. The 100% acrylic sweater comes in a festive black, white, and red color scheme and features the iconic Krispy Kreme "Hot Now" light right in the center. Thanks to battery operated red LED lights, the sweater actually lights up, flashing in what are described as "fun patterns". The sweater costs $50, is available in sizes up to 2XL, and batteries are included.

krispy kreme hot now sweater
(Photo: Krispy Kreme)

While the "Hot Now" Light Up Sweater is an interesting offering, for those who aren't into the fun sweater scene for the holidays have some options as well. Krispy Kreme also offers a collection of holiday ornaments featuring the Hot Now sign, the Krispy Kreme doughnut box, the classic Original Glazed doughnut, and one that declares that life is better with sprinkles. There are other items suitable for gifting on the site as well, though none as specifically holiday-oriented.

And for those who are looking for edible delights, Krispy Kreme has you covered, too. Last week, Krispy Kreme debuted their Nicest Holiday Collection of doughnuts that features three special holiday doughnuts. The fan-favorite Santa Belly Doughnut features a Chocolate Kreme doughnut that's been dipped in red icing and granulated sugar and has been decorated with chocolate icing belt and buttons along with a sugar piece for the belt buckle. The new Festive Tree Doughnut is a Red Velvet Cake batter filled doughnut, dipped in cream cheese icing and hand decorated with a tree and star. The new Present Doughnut is a Sugar Cookie Kreme filled doughnut, dipped in green icing and decorated with a ribbon and sugar piece "Nice" tag. Making the new doughnuts even sweeter, the collection is available in a festive limited-time holiday dozen box.

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