Lil Nas X's New Music Video Includes Colton Haynes Cameo & Fans Are Losing It

Lil Nas X managed to get everyone talking with his newest music video with Jack Harlow for a number of reasons, and it wasn't just the song or the dancing, though there is plenty of love for both. When he dropped the Industry Baby video, fans started noticing cameos and Easter Eggs, and reactions started pouring in. Those cameos included Arrow's Colton Haynes, who played Roy Harper in the beloved DC series, and fans even thought they spotted Aquaman's Jason Momoa in the video, though that ended up not being the case. You can check out some of our favorite reactions to X's Industry Baby below.

@thejordanpost wrote "teen wolf stans seeing Colton Haynes in #IndustryBaby music video"

@Isgreatscott wrote "I like Lil Nah X's version of high school musical so much better #IndustryBaby"

@MediumSizeMeech went Paddington 2 with it, writing "The influencer The influenced #IndustryBaby"

@JuanCafecito also brought attention to the fact that Industry Baby dropped the same day Kanye's new album dropped, and used Patrick in their example, writing "Lil Nas on his way to upstage the Donda album with Industry Baby #Donda #IndustryBaby @LilNasX"

@indigobeah noted Haynes' cameo, writing "how're people missing the Colton Haynes and Jason Momoa cameos Loudly crying face #IndustryBaby"


@vinyl_poppa wrote "Colton Haynes doing whatever the hell it is Colton Haynes does so well"

Also a lot of SpongeBob SquarePants in the replies, especially in this tweet, which pointed out Marching Bands are going to love this song. @Moore_nia wrote "I just KNOW that HBCU marching bands are gonna tear up the field with #IndustryBaby"

Industry Baby is directed by Christian Breslauer, produced by Andrew Lerios, and executive produced by Luga Podesta and Brandon Bonfiglio, and you can watch the full video right here.