Marvel Studios Spoilers Subreddit Closes After Legal Trouble From Disney

One of the most divisive corners of the Marvel fandom has closed its doors. Monday afternoon, /r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers was shuttered amid a legal battle launched by Marvel Studios earlier this month. According to legal documents filed on March 10th, a Disney-owned limited liability company sought a subpoena in an attempt to identify users behind a sizable leak surrounding Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania that was posted by the moderators of the subreddit earlier this year. Now, /r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers has closed up shop entirely.

"So, I tried to come up with a clever title, but I really couldn't think of one. I just wanted to take the time to drop in and tell a little story," a post from the subreddit's shared /u/MSSmods account read shortly before the community's closure. "This subreddit was created by "someone" because they hated going to the Marvel Studios subreddit. They wanted to know about the stuff that was coming up, leaks, spoilers, etc...but they had such a strong policy that you couldn't talk about anything without it being removed, banned, or messaged. (That was back then, I have no idea if it is like that now.)"

The message then went on to detail the earliest days of the subreddit. Upon its closure, it's thought the forum was one of the largest gathering places of Marvel fans on the internet.

"Eventually, some reliable/responsible help for a page that was never meant to be a serious thing. It grew and it has grown so large that people from the MCU know of it. Sadly, this means Disney also knows of it. The Mouse always wins...a lesson I learned from South Park," the group's statement added. "This subreddit will probably be taken down soon, as I am sure a lot of you have seen the news/articles/etc. Ain't nobody got time for that...and so there will no longer be any mods, the subreddit will operate on its own essentially. If someone wants to step up and takeover the subreddit...including all the legal ramifications (potentially), message this account."

Now that the subreddit has been closed, the statement has been made unavailable, as have the rest of the posts that found their way to the message board.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is now in theaters. What'd you think of the latest entry in the Ant-Man franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!