Minnesota Couple Releases "Holy Grail" of Ghost Tapes

A Minnesotan couple has stumbled across closed-circuit television footage they believe to be the "holy grail" of ghost footage. Earlier this month, Joey and Amy Radke were scanning through their security cam database, checking on their cats when they noticed something potentially much more sinister lurking about their home.

In the video, a figure can be seen exiting from a room in the house and standing at the end of a hallway. As this happens, one of the couple's cats darts across the home's living room to hide under the room's coffee table.

Joey, 37, spoke with Mirror UK about the haunting, revealing the couple's landlord informed them that someone had previously died in the same home.

"The video is like something from Paranormal Activity. When I saw it, I just thought 'oh my God'. I was creeped out," Radke told the site. "We took it to my brother-in-law's house to get it up on the TV and we could make out a woman with bouffant hair, like a beehive. We just gasped. It freaks my wife out. She doesn't want to talk about it."

We went on to add that neighbors recall seeing the aforementioned tenant being hauled out of the house by paramedics while wearing her pajamas, which appear to be what the apparition is wearing in the videos.

"The person we're renting from said they thought they felt a presence and the previous renter said they saw demonic entities, shadows, and something watching her while she was sleeping. I'm starting to notice things now because I'm more aware," Joey added. "After the video, I have the feeling that I'm being watched. I'll be sat watching TV in the living room and the hallway is on my right and I can see something out of the corner of my eye but there's nothing there."

The footage was captured around 10:30 p.m., and Joey even walks right past it on his way to the bathroom at one point.

"This video is the holy grail of ghost videos. I did believe in an afterlife before but I like to physically see it," he concludes.