Kroger Couple Freaks Out Over Not Being Able to Buy 552 Cans of Mountain Dew

The nature of the coronavirus pandemic has heightened everyone's stress levels, which makes each [...]

The nature of the coronavirus pandemic has heightened everyone's stress levels, which makes each public encounter that much more riddled with anxiety, as evidenced by the recent video captured in a Kroger supermarket. In the video, one couple decides to try stocking up on MTN DEW — though Kroger has put in place rules to spread their products out so that all have the opportunity to purchase them and limiting the number of items an individual can purchase, as to avoid unnecessary supply-and-demand issues. Between the unexpected limitations and high-stress situation, the encounter resulted in an outburst of aggression and a number of tossed MTN DEW cans.

Check the video out below or here on r/PublicFreakout.

Couple told they're not allowed to buy 552 CANS of Mountain Dew due to coronavirus rationing. Rage ensues. from r/PublicFreakout

Saturday morning, Kroger announced it would be giving bonuses to all grocery, supply chain, manufacturing, and customer service customers as a result of working during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to a statement from the chain, full-time associates are receiving $300 while part-time associates are getting $150.

"Grocery workers are on the frontlines, ensuring Americans have access to the food and products they need during this unprecedented pandemic," Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen said the statement. "Our associates are working around the clock to keep our stores open for our customers. I am incredibly grateful for all they are doing. The true heroes in this story are our associates, and we want to provide them with additional resources and support to help them continue their remarkable effort."

"In every decision we make, we strive to balance our most urgent mission – to be here for our communities when they need us most – with ensuring the safety of our associates, customers and communities."