The Rock's Teremana Tequila Commercial Airing During NBA Finals

The Rock’s Teremana Tequila will be airing tonight during the NBA Finals. It’s been a long [...]

The Rock's Teremana Tequila will be airing tonight during the NBA Finals. It's been a long journey for the multi-talented entrepreneur. A lot of stars this day have their own brands around spirits. Dwayne Johnson has had world tours to promote the tequila, but the NBA's championship round presents the biggest marketing effort around the alcohol company yet. Although the series hasn't exactly been competitive so far, there will still be a ton of eyes on the matchup. LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers look to take a commanding three games to one lead in their best of seven series. Meanwhile, despite being decimated by injuries, the Miami Heat and their leader Jimmy Butler are trying to extend the Finals. So, The Rock hopes you get your beverage of choice, and a snack to enjoy this matchup.

The Rock began, "Grateful to share our very first @Teremana commercial that will air tonight and throughout the #NBAFinals. I founded Teremana to bring people together - THANK YOU for making us the fastest growing and most exciting tequila in the market. #teremana #tequilaofthepeople."

Teremana Tequila describes their process:

"Crafted in a small Mexican town, amidst the highest peaks of the Jalisco Highlands, every step of our tequila-making process is meticulously done to create delicious tequila that truly honors the land it comes from," they begin. "Utilizing local businesses and practices allows us to create our sustainable ultra premium tequila."

The continue, "Utilizing 100% brick oven roasting allows Teremana to bring out the bright citrus flavors of our highlands agave. This traditional process takes time. We roast for 3 days before shredding our agave to extract the juices for fermentation. We use the left over agave fibers for organic compost for the agave fields."

"After our open tank fermenting process, Teremana is then distilled using our handmade copper pot stills. These stills were made by a local artisan on the premises of the distillery. The nature of the handmade copper stills not only harkens back to the days of traditional tequila making processes, but also produces a cleaner, smoother tequila."

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